How much does it cost to ship golf clubs abroad?

Golfing holidays are a popular way to get away from it all. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t prefer to play in the warmer climate ofPortugal, Spain or the many other exotic and beautiful locations around the world, rather than in the wet and cold of the UK, especially in Winter. With more and more new people taking up golf every year there are many golf clubs and resorts now offering fantastic holiday opportunities, but because of this, airlines can charge expensive prices for golf club shipping.

Unfortunately, taking your clubs abroad isn’t as simple as popping them in your luggage, checking in and collecting them on the other side. With the age of airlines adding on costs for anything and everything, expenses can soon rack up if you’re not careful, for example there can be an additional charge if your golf bag is over 1.2m tall, which many golf bags are.

You’ll also want to take into account the cost of insurance for insuring your golf clubs when flying. Here’s how the top airlines compare:

Total costs

Airline Cost of flight Extra Baggage Fee Insurance Charge Total Cost (return flight)
Ryanair £70 £60 Price of flight + £130
Jet2 £60 £60 Price of flight + £120
Lufthansa £60 Price of flight + £60
Flybe £60 £60 Price of flight + £120
British Airways £60 £60 Price of flight + £120
EasyJet £74 £60 Price of flight + £134

But it’s not only the out of pocket cost, you also have to drag your heavy golf kit through a busy airport, waste precious holiday time standing around waiting for the clubs to be taken off the aeroplaneat the other end with your fingers crossed that the airline has not lost or damaged your prized possession. U.S. Airlines collected over $2.5 billion in baggage fees in 2014 and mishandled 24 million bags. Finally you will have tocontend with any transport issues that follows when you arrive in the country. Will the taxi take you, your cases, your mates and your golf clubs to your final destination? The situation is never ideal and can cause unnecessary stress on what should be a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Is there an alternative? – well yes, you can have your golf clubs shipped with My Kit Carrierwho pick up from anywhere of your choice and deliver safely and hassle free.

Click here for a detailed stepby step guide on how to transport your clubs abroad with My Kit Carrier.

  1. Schedule your shipment
  2. Print and attach yourshipping labels
  3. Prepare your golf clubs and luggage
  4. Our courier picks up your clubs
  5. Track your shipment
  6. Your clubs have arrived

Along with sending your clubs with My Kit Carrier, you can also send luggage, it will all be collected and delivery at the same time, and if you are taking more than one suitcase with you on holiday we can work out considerably cheaper than the airlines.

So How much Does it Cost to Ship Golf Clubs?

Having your golf clubs shipped to your final destination is less expensive than you would think.  For a qick quote or to get firsthand advice click here.

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